Best Books to Learn Modern Astrology – Beginners through Advanced

With helpful advice for which of your friends to take to a yoga class to what a self-care night means for your specific star sign, Woods has incredible and practical advice for everyone, beginner or expert. Using ancient wisdom of astrology and predictive astrology, Faulkner helps you use your birth chart and star charts to move past the basics and better align your goals, eliminate your stresses, and improve your decision-making skills.

For practical-minded readers looking for a simple, modern approach, this astrology book should be your go-to resource. For the more numbers-focused out there, this astrology book focuses on birthdays, power days, and numerical profiles, satisfying the hearts of statistics lovers everywhere. Using the birthday forecast, readers can not only reveal their own personal strengths and weaknesses, but also learn about career positives, best ways to approach relationships, and more.

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A smaller, more compact handbook, Star Power is a great astrology book for beginners, leading you through the basics of finding your house and chart. It also carries an entertainment value to share with friends. You can also read about your birthday on his website, here. Date of publication: November 13, updated version , November 1, original Amazon rating: 4. When ordered off Amazon, the book offers a downloadable software that creates your personalized chart in minutes.

The book provides readers with additional knowledge about moon signs, sun signs, planets and houses in various charts. Author Joanna Martine Woolfolk, horoscope columnist for Marie Claire and Redbook magazine, updated the original guide in , a year before she passed. The book was initially published twenty years ago, however, it has consistently been named one of the best astrology books to this date.

Date of publication: April 22, Amazon rating: 5 stars Pages: Who this book is for: Singles looking for a compatible partner. Celebrity chef and food astrologer, Sabra Ricci, has written three books about astrology in the kitchen. This book discusses who to avoid, and who to go after, based on horoscopes. Date of publication: October 1, Amazon rating: 4.

Astrology Books

Jan Spiller, author of three books about spiritual astrology and a monthly column in the largest astrological publication in the world, Deli Horoscope Magazine, is a recognized leader in the field of astrology. Astrology for the Soul reveals an in-depth insight to the position of the North Node of the Moon on your astrology chart and its implications to important elements of your life. Green, Jeffrey Wolf. Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul.

Reinhart, Melanie. Chiron and the Healing Journey. Lang-Wescott, Martha. Mechanics of the Future: Asteroids. Jones, Marc Edmund. The Sabian Symbols in Astrology. Bovee, Blain. Charubel and Sepharial. The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized. Teal, Celeste. Spiritual Astrology. Zoller, Robert. Johndro, L. The Stars: How and Where they Influence. Brady, Bernadette. Ebertin, Reinhold. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation. Allen, Richard Hinckley. Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning.

Huntley, Janis.

Rosenblum, Bernard. Tyl, Noel. Rogers-Gallagher, Kim.

Popular Astrology Books

Astrology for the Light Side of the Future. Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark. Rushman, Carol. The Art of Predictive Astrology. Shaw, Christine. Predictive Astrology: Understanding Transits. Hand, Robert. Planets in Transit: Life Cycles for the Living.

Sullivan, Erin. Shea, Mary Fortier.

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  4. McCullough, Nance. Volguine, Alexandre. Technique of Solar Returns. Relating and Astrology for Lovers. Idemon, Richard. The Astrology of Human Relationships. Davison, Ronald.

    R29 Original Series

    Planets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships. Townley, John. Ann, Sue. Vocational Astrology: Personality and Potential. Baron von Klockler, H. Astrology and Vocational Aptitude. Starck, Marcia. Milliard, Margaret. Casenotes of A Medical Astrologer. Astrological Timing of Critical Illness. Delsack, Lauren. Hampar, Joann.

    Electional Astrology: The Art of Timing. Lehman, PhD, J. The Martial Art of Horary Astrology. Jacobson, Ivy Marie Goldstein. Simplified Horary Astrology. Louis, Anthony. Horary Astrology: Plain and Simple. Zain, C. Horary Astrology. Brotherhood of Light Astrology Series Vol. Appleby, Dereki. The Horary Reference Book. Lewis, Jim. Davis, Martin. Pottenger, Maritha, and Dobyns, Zipporah. Planets on the Move: The Astrology of Relocation. Johndro, Lorne Edward. Penfield, Marc.

    Top 6 Astrology Books for Beginners

    Murray, Rose. Moving to Success: The Astrology of Location. Davis, Samantha. Understanding Children through Astrology. Rudyar, Dane. Meyer, Michael R. A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer. Greene, Liz and Sasportas, Howard. Hamaker-Zondag, Karen. Howell, Alice O.

    Arroyo, Stephen. Astrology, Psychology and the Four Elements. Merlin, Katharine. Character and Fate: The Psychology of the Birthchart. Ruperti, Alexander. Lundsted, Betty. Suillivan, Erin. The Astrology of Midlife and Aging. Sheehy, Gail.

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    Passasges: Predictable Crises of Adult Life. Schermer, Barbara. Kirby, Babs. Michaud, Joy.

    The 3 Best Astrology Books for Beginners in 12222

    Casey, Caroline. Crowther, Patricia. The Zodiac Experience: Initiation through the 12 Signs. Reid, Linda. Crossing the Threshold: The Astrology of Dreaming. George, Demetra. Vaughan, Valerie. Guttman, Ariel and Johnson, Kenneth. Mythic Astrology and Mythic Astrology Applied. Astrology and Spiritual Development. Lofthus, Myrna.

    A Spiritual Approach to Astrology.